Monday, July 18, 2011

Sugar Trip

Baked goods are my sugary downfall. It's hard for me to resist a freshly baked brownie. Baking cookies is one of my favorite pastimes. And as of late, learning new cupcake baking and frosting techniques has been extremely fun. I prefer to share the cupcakes I whip up, but plenty of them stay with me.

Cereals are another sugary downfall. Bran flakes and plain oatmeal are not the most desired tastes for me. My latest craving has been for Waffle Crisp. (12g of sugar/serving). I would hit my sugar high with just one bowl. (Good thing I haven't seen it in any grocery stores for years--or I might cave).
Another sugary downfall comes in the form of straight up candy bars. Anything from Hershey's to Theo chocolates. Heaven help me!

What is your sugary downfall?

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