Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Farmer's Market

June to September in Seattle is my favorite time of year. 1. It's summer. 2. The local farmer's market is up and running. I absolutely love hanging out there on a Friday afternoon, browsing the selection, and listening to the music. We have invited some people over for dinner on Tuesday and I plan on cooking up a stir-fry for them, completed with as much local & organic produce I could lay my hands on. 

Whenever I go, I try to pick a vegetable that I'm unfamiliar with. This weeks pick was a different variety of zucchini. It's formal name has already escaped me. I knew I should've written it down! I was told it's a sweeter zucchini, that also stays a lot more firm when you steam it. I'm excited to try it out! 

Of course, I picked up the berries for good measure. Do they not look absolutely perfect
From Schuh Farms, Mount Vernon, WA

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