Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flavored Milk, Jamie Style!

Have you ever seen this episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? This is a small clip, a dramatic example, of how much sugar that's consumed in flavored milk in one week in the entire L.A.U.S.D.

One week! A whole school bus spilling over-the-top with white sugar. Okay, I'll be honest, when Richard and I first saw this we didn't believe it. I thought there must have been some TV exaggeration in there.

But, then we bought some chocolate milk and read the label. Seriously, go look at the label of your favorite flavored milk, and do the math yourself. How much sugar would you be adding to your diet by drinking one glass (sometimes two) for 5 days a week, 9-10 months out of the year?!? I know that was a constant part of my diet for all my school years. *Sigh*

Just one of those things that I have personally committed to cutting out. How about you? What's something you have consciously decided to cut back on recently?

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  1. I actually caught part of this on TV several months back - I'd never seen any of the series before. The question I was left asking was "How much sugar is this per child per day?" I figure there are a lot of children in the Los Angeles school district. I imagine it said it on the show, I just didn't see it all.