Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frosting Fail

We had some family coming over for dinner and my first thought was, "PERFECT! I can whip up some cupcakes, they can help eat them up, and I can enjoy just one for dessert!" I have been craving pineapple, so I baked up a dozen white cupcakes with a hint of pineapple. For frosting, I wanted to make a coconut pineapple buttercream. I wasn't sure how the citrus was going to work in the frosting, so I did some quick research and found a simple recipe to follow.

I started my frosting at 3:30, right when a friend showed up to take her baby home (whom I was babysitting). I told her, "Stay! The cupcakes just got out, the frosting will be done in no time, then you can have one too!" Of course, she agreed. I mean, why wouldn't you?

Well, I blame my first mistake on conversing too much while making the frosting. I forgot I was halving the recipe--and added the FULL amount of pineapple juice. So, I quickly adjusted the rest of the ingredients. But, the frosting was not setting. It was SO extremely runny, and I'd already added an entire bag of powdered sugar, and extra butter to try to get it to set. It was not coming together. GRR!

"Oh, no worries," I thought, "I'll just stick with the classic buttercream recipe I always use, that never fails, right?"


The blasted thing wouldn't set either! This recipe involves egg whites, and my friend so kindly blamed the humidity (not me) for it not working out. And my dear friend had now been with me in the kitchen for 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours trying to make frosting for 12 cupcakes! I was lucky she was there, because I'm sure I would've been in tears over the whole blasted situation.

So the family came over. We enjoyed a delicious curry dinner. And much to my amazement, I find out two of my cousins are trying to cut back on sugar as well and they respectfully refused a cupcake.

Our other cousin claimed she isn't a fan of frosting anyway, so she was happy with plain cupcakes.

And, I was happy that this frosting fail potentially stopped me from indulging a little bit too much.

All ended up well in the world.

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