Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gram Count Check-in

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing my math right.

And then I wonder if I'm just doing better than I think I am.

I am still consuming more sugar than I want to be. Having a cup of cookie dough ice cream gives me 30g, or 7.5 tsp. That's a lot of sugar, but I could eat quite a lot of ice cream before maxing out my goal of 19tsp from the past week.

July 19: 50g--12.5tsp
July 20: 29g--7.25tsp
July 21: 75g--18.75tsp
July 22: 54.6g--13.65tsp (Should actually be higher cause I didn't measure all the snitches of frosting I tasted as I tried to make it.)
July 23: 75.6g--18.91tsp (Rough day. Potluck desserts. But I only took one brownie!)
July 24: 52.6g--13.15tsp
July 25: 19g--4.75tsp

Hooray! I met my first goal! I'm sure I'm missing something, somewhere and that my measurements are imperfect, but I am not stressing about that. I'm just doing the best I can. And cutting back to just 19tsp really wasn't that difficult. I was still putting a lot in my mouth.

As for my second goal of measuring my son's intake--I didn't do so well. I did it for one day, but found it pretty difficult to keep up with his continual snacking and meals. So I'm going to reformulate a plan for that little one.

I would love, love, love to hear about your sugar-intake goal, see your numbers in writing, and read a little bit about meeting/not-meeting your goal.

Starting today my goal is to eat no more than 15tsp of added sugar. Babysteps. I'll do my next report on Wednesday, Aug 3.


  1. I just finished off a large package of Reese's Pieces. I estimate that alone gave me 84g of sugar. (That doesn't count the brownies or anything else I ate today either.) Looks like you are doing great!

  2. I like your sugar idea...it is a good way to see reality =)

    Here's what we are doing:
    Our whole family is doing a health competition. We get one point for
    1/2 cup of fruit (up to 2 per day)
    1/2 cup of veggies (up to 4 per day)
    10 mins. vigorous exercise (up to an hour a day)
    5 points per week for a good veggie recipe

    You can make up exercise points throughout the week but the food points can't be made up. At the end of the week we report to one member of the family. The winner gets a prize in 8 weeks.

    I am currently losing...but it is amazing how little room is left for sugar when you have stuffed yourself with a cup of broccoli!!! I even CHOSE applesauce over ice cream the other night...ya I know!
    It's fun though =)