Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meal Planning

Meal planning is generally something I'm really good at for two weeks, and completely horrible at doing for a following month. Right now, I am completely stoked that I have succeeded at making lunch & dinner plans for longer than a month, and although we did go out to eat twice, we have been pretty much eating at home together.

There are so many benefits to eating dinner together, but my drive to be better has stemmed from wanting to maintain my family's sugar intake. Although I can't decide whether or not R consumes sugar, I can greatly decrease his desire if I make sure he is actually fed. Otherwise, it's to the store with the munchies.

This week's dinner plan:
Monday- Kalua Pork with Cabbage
Tuesday- Baked crab rangoon and fried rice
Wednesday- Hamburgers and baked beans
Thursday- Homemade Mac&Cheese & leftover beans
Friday- Homemade pepperoni pizza
Saturday- Chicken Pot Pie

One memory I have of family dinners growing up, was my mom always asking me or my siblings to choose a fruit and a vegetable that was going to be served. (My favorite to chose was canned creamed corn. Haha!) I try to bring that concept into our dinners too, especially if veggies aren't mixed into the meal already.

The last few days we've ended our meals with sweet nectarine slices. That's almost like dessert, right?


  1. Meal planning is a great way to see how you are eating. It can make you realize some things. I realized that I had been consuming on average 3,000 milligrams of sodium a day. The max a day should be 1,500.

  2. When I'm consistent I love meal planning, but it's hard for me to stick with. Some days I just don't feel like cooking. Actually lately that's been most days. :P