Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gram Count Check In

Well, I'd like to throw my hands up in the air and say, "It can't be done!" 15 tsp of sugar is still quite a lot, yet I only managed to stay below a few times out of the week.

July 26: 62.6g--15.65tsp
July 27: 27g--6.75tsp 
July 28: 60.5g--15.125tsp
July 29: 73g--18.25tsp
July 30: 87g--21.75tsp
July 31: 78g--19.5tsp
Aug 1: 38.5g--9.5tsp
Aug 2: 100g--25tsp
Aug 3: 86g--21.5tsp

Problem #1: Homemade goodies are incredibly hard to record properly. For example, when I made cupcakes, I just added together the amount of sugar in the batter/frosting and divided that by 12. But, I am sure the amount is still a little high (because you don't get every drop from the bowl, nor did I use ALL of the frosting) so I just adjusted the final count a bit. But mostly, it was the most educated guess I could give.

Problem #2: I am pretty good at writing down sweets as soon as I eat them. However, I don't always record the gram amount. Therefore, I'm not sure how many tsp I've already eaten--or how many more I'm allotted for the rest of the day.

Problem #3: Ice cream. I splurged on ice cream a lot this week--which would've been fine except I didn't stop there. I still ended up eating other sweets later in the day.

Problem #4: I'm addicted to sugar. I've had more headaches this week than I've had ever. They aren't terrible, but they are there which is unusual for me. But, I know it's related to the sugar.
Good Thing #1: I'm still aware of what's going in my mouth. I don't just open the fridge door and grab something to eat because I'm unconsciously moving in that direction.

Good Thing #2: Although I'm not counting my son's intake at this time, I can already tell I'm making wiser snack choices for him. But, he's still getting much more than he needs.

Good Thing #3: My friends are super supportive and give me nice feedback, which is encouraging.

This weeks goal: I'm going to eat no more than 15tsp of added sugar/day. I know this is the same goal as last week. But, it's like 7th grade art class: I failed, so I've gotta take it again.


  1. I'm glad that you are making goals for yourself and that you have such determination!